Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cny eve 13 February 2010

Saturday morning.
Aunty Lynn bought EnHui a box of diy handprint. Dada did the project with them. Unfortunately, the plaster were hardened before EnHui could stamped their handprint on it. This is the result of spending too much time on taking photos of EnHui stirring the plaster paste! ;) En was upset with the failed project. I said, "adult makes mistake too. We need to learn from the mistake and do better on the next project & quote Thomas Edisson's light bulb experiments as an example! "

 Saturday is cleaning day. Hui decided to help out.

 En was seen smilling to her fishes and fed them.

We met at Selayang Palace Restaurant for a reunion lunch (mom's side) ! :)

                   Tossing yue sang (En took this photo!)                    

Uncle Fai, a freelance photographer got ready the equipment to snap family photos.
My family on the reunion day (except small yi)
Photo is captured with Sony Alpha A850.

This year, reunion dinner was at Uncle Kheng's home. (dad's side). Usually we had it at Shah Alam as great grandma's movement was restricted. She passed away peacefully last year (we miss her).

    Hui & Sonya(cousin) played together.

En threw 'pop-pop' with Meng & Huey (cousins)

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