Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chinese New Year performances 2010

Saturday, 30 Jan 2010
During festive season, there are strings of performances in the malls. :) En looks forward to each performance every year. :) She watched them since she was 1. Now, Hui joins in the fun.

Beforehand, En began to visualise the past performances and made some wrist band for us, with our names written on it. She said 'we need to wear it in order to watch the performance', imitating the ticket wristband that we have to put on in order to enter a theme park.

Bamboo Dance 2pm @The Curve
En said "I like this one a lot"

While waiting for the lion dance performance, Hui asked "how long?" thousands of times!
She commented " I am not scared of the lion dance "

Lion Dance 4pm @The Curve
En caught an orange when the lion threw it from the top of the pole. She passed it to Hui happily.

En collected confetti after the lion dance ended. She loves it. 
Once, at Wilson's birthday party, she collected ALL the confetti till the floor was sparkling clean. Aunt Yoke was so happy about it! :D

Dad & En posing with the 18 drums

Coins will drop when the drummer rolls the drum.

18 drums performance 530pm @The Curve

The lion picked the coins up and gave to the spectators.

Three performances in a row! En said "I like to watch the 18 drums again. Can we come again?'
The next 24 season drum is on 7 Feb 10 230pm. We will be there. :)

En @ The Valentine message tree, Curve

En wrote on one of the message card "I like to write. I really love to write. I wish I am an author. That's my wish. That's all I love." and hang it on the tree. Hui scribbled on one and hang it up too.

En had so many ambitions which I have lost count. Last month, she said "I am an author". And started to type stories on Ms Word. Short, Whimsical, Crazy story.  

Sunday, 7 February 2010
We were at Curve again to catch some CNY performances.!!!!
 "Regal Grand Orchestra" consists of varieties of chinese traditional musical instruments, 130pm@ Curve. 

                                From right; Guzheng, Xiao, Guqin, Sheng, Muyu, Pipa, Ruan

                                  From left; Erhu, Dizi, Ruan, Pipa, Muyu, Sheng, Guqin 

                                                      EnHui listened to the CNY tunes!

24 season drums @230pm Curve
Thunderous rhythmic sound from the percussion instrument made our heart pound!

Mom & EnHui watched intently

Dragon dance emerged in the midst of the performance

The captivating dragon dance.

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