Monday, February 8, 2010

X'mas FOC performance & activities December 2009

Saturday afternoon.
During Christmas season, there is a bunch of FOC children activities and performances organized at the malls. One of the performance that we watched was  "Christmas Dream", a musical dance at One Utama Mall. Before it commenced, EnHui took over the stage and showed some "jumping stunt".

EnHui, jumping onstage.
En @5years & 7months old, Hui @2.5years old

And laughed heartily about it.

Saturday, 12 December 2009
En joined a gift wrapping activity at Curve. She folded a paper bag with present paper. At that moment, she wasn't feeling well  but insisted on continuing the activity.

Hui meddle with the tape, En was assisted in folding the paper bag.
Completed paper bag. :) !! & En got some goodies too.

En went on with the colouring contest. Hui joined her too. They were given a picture to colour, a box of color pencil, a piece of paper with coloured pictures, scissor and glue. In the midst of colouring, En stopped. She had a temperature. Hui coloured continuously using only ONE colour, blue.

EnHui coloured with all their might!

Finally, Hui stopped and cut a coloured picture.

Hui's finished project! :) All BLUE with a piece of coloured picture glued right on top.

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Yee Ling said...

Haha .. I like En's laughing pix. She is so funny.