Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pet Fish 2 February 2010

Our neighbour bought EnHui 6 guppy fishes. EnHui were so delighted ! Hui was shouting 'see fish, see'. Later on, we added 4 more cherry barb fish of Sri Lanka. At first, En remember to feed the fishes.. but later on, dada dutifully do it daily! :) with EnHui occasionally feeding them.

EnHui's first aquarium! 2009

EnHui witnessed how the fry swam out from the mommy guppy's body. They got the idea that mommy guppy gave birth to as many as 30 over fry per time and quite frequently. Once, En cried when she saw the other guppy ate the fry as soon as it was born!

One day, when dada was cleaning the aquarium, En eagerly did an addition on how many fry are there.. she added as and when daddy scoped out the fry. She made a three pages book with the list of sums she has done proudly.

One of the page with a list of sum.

This part was extracted from John Holt's book "How Children Fail"
"Do people go through life taking math tests, with other people telling them to hurry? Are we trying to turn out intelligent people, or test takers?"

En has knowledge of the mix breed of cherry bard and guppy 's fry are more striking in colour. She distinguished the male guppy (stunning colored tail) from the female guppy (plain in color). 

She asked "how does fish has baby?"

Fry. Born at our home. :)

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