Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hui's first braid 29 January 2010

Friday morning.
Hui never like her hair tied up. Even when she is sweaty on a hot day, we can never tie her hair up. Last Christmas, En got a "Hair Wraps and Braids" book from grand-aunt Jane. Smart Girls Activity Set Hair Wraps and Braids (Smart Girls Activity Sets)

After showing her a simple braid, she said 'I want TWO braids'. She chose two pink color(her favourite color) hair elastics for me, :) to happily tied the braid. From that day forward, I can braid her hair up. Once, I tied two pony tails for her. She didn't make noise till she saw herself in the mirror and professed "I dont like pony pony! ".                                                 
@31 months. Hui likes to drink water !
Phew! Finally she takes water easily.

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