Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First day of cny 14 February 2010

Sunday morning.                    

Dad was so obsessed with clear blue sky and less cars in KL & took some snapshots from the living room's window and apt. car park!

We went  "pai nian" at paternal grandparent's home. First thing that EnHui look forward to, the chicken coop at the backlane ! They love to hold chicks and feed the chicken.

Then, we visited grand aunt. EnHui and cousins(aged between 14 -10) conquered the bunk bed whereas the adults chatted in the living room. En quizzed the older cousins many addition sums! I think En is amazed of how she is able to solve sums now and got excited about it. She take sums as a form of play. The cousins found her weird and ganged-up to get rid of her. I saw how they got out of room and turned off the light, leaving En alone in the dark. En followed them out. They walked away fast and went back to the bunk bed, trying to trap En out of the room. This cat & mice game went on and on.. It just broke my heart seeing En, confused and trying her best to join in. I found a chance to explain the situation to her. Well, En is much stronger and nicer than I am. She took it with no ill-feeling at all and continue to play with them gaily.   

At the last open house for the day, po po's home, En  had a sudden urge to draw. She drew 4 drawings and did a page of sum that she wrote the questions herself.

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