Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mom's time-out 19 February 2010

Friday afternoon.
I am not a very patient mom and I am learning to be one. I have grown to be more and more patient and "letting loose" throughout these years. "Thank you, EnHui."
"Parental love is natural but it's necessity to learn how to love. Only growing parents, will have growing children"
                                                               Enhui cleaned up the mess.

This afternoon, I lost my patience which I should not. EnHui messed up with the beads and I raised my voice. :( I realised I have become an unloving mother. So I put the two of them on a foamy bathtub, took time out and walked to the kitchen. I made a cup of coffee. The fragrance of the coffee made me awake. I listened to my fav tunes on my mobile. I became relax and have a clearer mind. Positive thoughts flew in.

I saw my hubby gently fished out 62 fry! and 20 fishes and painstakingly cleaned the aquarium. :)

               Top View

             Side View
When I saw EnHui in the bathroom, I know I have become a loving mother again.

"Become conscious of our parenting style and take time-out"

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