Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shichida Method Talent Show 11 March 2007

I asked En if she was okay to sing a song at a Talent Show. She replied "YES". And I asked "Which song would you like to sing?". She said "Incy Wincy Spider". So I registered her name, with great awe.

On that day, she sat among the participants without any fuss.When she heard her name being called, she walked towards the center boldly, got the microphone and said "Ng Zhang En" when sensei asked about her name. She sang the incy wincy spider and use the other free hand to show spider moving up and down. I was deeply astonished by her confidence and courage!

En took the microphone from sensei Ivy.
                                  En sang "Incy Wincy Spider" @2years + 10months old

While waiting for the result, sensei invited children to come forward and sing. I asked En "Would you like to help out?". En walked to the front, got the microphone and sang a japanese sayonara song! Cool!

En was the winner for the 3 year old category!

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