Saturday, February 20, 2010

DPC park & Uncle Hwa's open house 19 February 2010

Friday morning.
Early in the morning, Hui & mom baked banana oatmeal muffin for breakfast. Hui was happily stirring the batter while mom snapped a photo & "splat"! the batter bowl dropped onto the floor! Yes, I was a bit agitated as I was in a hurry( a flimsy excuse! shame on me). Hui said "I am sorry!". I felt so bad and guilty! It was my fault. So I smiled and said "It's okay, I am sorry too".  And I know that's what she needed, a child who make a mistake need an adult to say "it is okay with a kind smile". "Hui, Thank you for loving me despite of my imperfection"

We packed our muffin & vitagen, headed to DPC park, our usual hang out place since it opened.

EnHui love the swing and wanted to be swung higher and higher. In fact, they love everything! The grass, flowers, feeding the fishes, tortoises and birds, tiny stream, hanging on the bridge, got excited over the aeroplane flying above, kites and many more.

En got near to a crow. She crawled slowly towards it, whispered gently to the bird and offered her muffin.

En stuffed her hand into an empty fish pellet bag to substitute as a glove. She put a small bit of muffin on the glove to entice the crow to fly over.


EnHui mashed potatoes for lunch while dad cooked sauteed mushroom. Hui helped to wash dishes (water-play time!)

Before going to uncle Hwa's open house, EnHui played xylophone and sang silly songs, messed up with Ikea beads (my nightmare!), built sandcastle and drew with chalk.

Our sandpit (box!) :D  & I wrote some chinese with chalk on cement floor (copied from angpow!) Hui repeatedly point to the words and asked what it means while En eavesdropped when I explained. :) 

Off we went to uncle Hwa & aunty Ching's home. This generous kind soul has been organising open house to ALL school friends annually, with yummy DINNER provided, cooked by "chef Hwa". I enjoyed the dark soya sauce rice with pork bits, long beans and dried scallop the most. Hui who got a box of 'pop pop' from aunty Ching, handed it to Dwayne and said "I cannot". She observed others played and before I knew it, she was throwing it! :) Aunty Ching offered another type of firework, the soft "stick" type, that sputtered when light up. En lined a few sticks, vertically and horizontally, which created a checkered pattern - to create fire. Other children joined in. They threw in other tinders, making fire ecstatically. They found out what material made bigger fire!  Hui wasn't ready to try the sputter type firework ..  observed again. :) A caring aunty Kian took her hand and lit up one for her. Hui wanted more. She came to me, "help me". So, I held her hand and we lit up another one. Again, she came to me, "help me". And I did the same thing. Another round, Hui was comfortable enough to light up on her own, but need my hand for more confidence. So, she lit up with one hand and held my hand with another..and she did the same thing again and again.
Unfortunately, there were not enough of sticks to try till she reaches the most comfortable level of letting my hand off. :)

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