Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shaolin Wushu 16 February 2010

Tuesday 2pm.
We watched a spectacular wushu - kungfu performance at One Utama New Wing. The dance and wushu acts were simply stunning!

        cantonese opera dance

          Each master showed kungfu with different weaponry.

"Peacock dance" The dancers' moves greatly resembled a bird!

Shaolin physical exercises that prevent diseases and prolong life!!!
I can't remember a single act, so don't ask me. :)

One master hit the arm of another with a thick rod.

 A master pressed his neck against a lance!

Kungfu fight resembled snake, monkey and praying mantis! an eye catcher!

The Best dancers that we have watched!

To all the performers! Bravo! Bravo! We were in awe while leaving the stage. A MUST see!

After that, we went 'pai nian' at Bukit Jalil! The cozy home of endless play for EnHui.

Golf ! with kim kim.                                                            
En with the gym equipments.                                    
Garden steamboat! yummy food with great ambience! What a lovely day.

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