Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fai's birthday 9 February 2010

Tuesday afternoon.
We meet Yu Ling and children every Tuesday fo ra playgroup. :) It started with a Wednesday in November 2008 where Yu Ling named the playgroup," Dinosaur Playgroup" for children aged 5 and below.

Today, we celebrated Fai's 6th birthday! Yi baked a funky transformer cake (Fai's fav) and pies. Yummy yummy pies!, where we have a selection of apple, mushroom and pork! The mushroom pie was so delicious that Hui ate a lot. The boys were building castle, fort and dungeon (under a table!) and didnt want En, a girl to join in. She wasn't even allowed to set foot in the castle (of boxes) and it made En teared. She asked for my mobile and called her dad! :) On the other hand, Hui was allowed to join them in the castle! How bizarre! ehm.. Does Hui looks like a boy? :D

Fai & Hui in the castle

 Fai showed his transformer mega sword (a birthday gift from us)

In the evening, EnHui went for a dip in the apt. pool. En chuckled along with Hui. She tried attracting an attention of a girl to play along, by pushing a floating board with a mini red car on top, to her!!.
At night, En drew on the white board. When I asked her "did you have a good day?". En replied "Yes, the party is great!"

"The scariest ghosts and a good person", the title given by En.
There are scary ghosts, thunder, black humps and a good person on the drawing.
Black humps located at the center, bottom. Thunder was at left side, corner, bottom.

The ghosts have many tiny eyes, distorted lips and weird body shapes.

The good person was on the right bottom corner.
There is a ghost with 4 heads; dad, mom & two kids! located at the center, 2 big heads & 2 small heads!

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