Wednesday, February 10, 2010

EnHui @home 8 February 2010

Monday morning.
In the morning, En said "I like to have breakfast at the park. Let's picnic!". We packed our breakfast into a picnic basket and off we walked to the park. We laid our picnic mat under a shady tree and EnHui ate happily. A while later, some ants came visiting, my lap became Hui's seat! And En happily fed the ants with cornflake!

EnHui happily ate their breakfast (wholemeal bread, yoghurt, cornflakes & water)

The weather became hot! EnHui changed into their swimmies and splashed in the cooling water.

En with her generous smile & Hui with her fav activity!

Followed by a game of monopoly (Thank you, uncle Fai for the transfomer monopoly!)
"Unschooling is still on-going"

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