Tuesday, February 23, 2010

En's random thoughts in 2009.

En: "Adult doesn't like children. Chidlren likes adult. Adult likes adult"
Mom: What about me? Do I love you and Hui ? You and 'mei mei' are children.
En:  Ok. except mommy.

23 March 2009
En: "Children is for playing & helping adults do houseworks. Adult is for doing houseworks "
( I feel so guilty! must play more with her)

July 2009
En: How do I leave home?
I thought she meant, going out.
En: leave this place, earth, away to the sky.

2 July 2009
En: "I have lots of words in my brain. I put it in a box, up high in the shelf. There is a long long ladder that she can climb to reach the words. It's a library in there. With shelf". She is referring to her brain.

7 July 2009
En: Can you image an elephant holding an orange?'
Mom: with its trunk?
En: With hand
Mom: Elephant doesn't has hands.
En: Sitting down, two legs on the ground. two legs holding lots of oranges.
Mom: How about the trunks?
En: The trunks is down. I am watching Tv here (pointed to her head). I can see the elephant on my Tv. I have a room in my brain. I can do anything here.

Mom: I need to pee, high tide.
En: What is high tide?
Mom: I need to pee urgently.
En: I learnt new word. It's in my library already.

En @5years 5 months old.
Photos taken while En was eating sushi, by Moments Photography


Bryan Koh said...

Her thought is cool. She will be someone great in the future.

Yee Ling said...

Sushi bought by yi yi, for En En!