Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dish Deli 6 February 2010

Saturday afternoon.
I am always on a look-out for a children friendly restaurant. EnHui play after meal whereas I chill out. :)  Ikea Restaurant is one!
Recently I read about a family restaurant,  "Dish Deli" @ Solaris on the Star paper. :)  We checked it out. It's not as comfortable as Ikea but it's worth going.  EnHui explored the play area while waiting for meal. Dad & Mom flipped the newspaper. :)
We ordered omelette, spaghetti pesto, spaghetti bolognese and vegetable moussaka. The food tasted yummy and suits our tastebud ! After lunch, EnHui played again and I read the paper with a cuppa tea! :D
                  En with other children.

Hui @the sofa.

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