Monday, February 22, 2010

En is happy 22 February 2010

Monday morning.
I asked En, "Are you happy?"
En replied, "Yes" (made a happy face)
Mom: Why are you happy?
En: It's warm and nice here (I was hugging her and she made another happy face)

Early last year, I asked En, "Are you happy?"
En replied, "Yes"
Mom: Why are you happy?
En: Because I am beautiful.
Mom: Why are you beautiful?
En: Because I love myself.

18 August 2009
I asked En "Are you happy?"
En replied, "Yes"
Mom: Why?
En: Because I like everything, everything

It's so awesome. I feel great as I know, she leads a HAPPY life.

En @5years 7months old.
Photo taken by Moments Photography


Yee Ling said...

Aiyaa this pix of me so not nice wan ... but glad that En is mastering self-DIY shot, like ah yi

Bryan Koh said...

you should engage a PRO Photographer to shoot for you ma.... I give you discount. LOL