Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hui's house 16 February 2010

Tuesday morning.
Hui set up her boundary with stool, bench(the door) and boxes which she called 'house'. It  has a phone line! When En called her "ringg ringg", Hui answered "hello" by picking up a transparent case.  Hui was cooking egg at home while En visited her.

Play is a safe haven in which our children can conquer their fears and work out emotional problems. In fact, the only kind of therapy that can really be done with children is called play therapy. Children  can also learn how to be doctors, firefighters and superheroes with no physical risks. Play is carefree space in which they can learn about their world and their place within it. Play is a place that allows children to deal with their hectic daily lives. This part is extracted from "Einstein Never Used Flash Cards"

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