Monday, February 1, 2010

Pretend Play - Pizza & Fruit Stall 9 January 2010

Saturday morning.
"In the image world, a child sees herself jumping. She acts out the action in the real world. If the image world becomes real to a child so easily, their innate senses becomes strong. If adults do not value imaging(pretend play), their innate senses will only lose their strength. Prof Makoto Shichida"

En set up a pizza and fruit juice stall. She said  "come and buy!". I told her that I have lost my money and couldnt buy pizza. En took one slice and gave to me, FOC. :) She gave me an ATM card and told me to withdraw money from the bank.  I took the ATM card and looked lost!!!!. She pointed to the cupboard and said "the bank is there." I saw there is a bunch of fake money on top. :) 

En cut a slice of pizza for Hui, the customer.
Pizza = learn fraction

En made carrot juice by putting carrot in the funnel & cup underneath it.
(Creative of her!)

Hui's threw together some fruits and created a stall.
En helped out. 

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Jack Ng said...

The girls creativity know no bounds. I absolutely love the juicing "machine".