Saturday, February 13, 2010

Genting Highland & Rabbit Farm 8 November 2009

Sunday afternoon. Day 1.
Genting Highland vacation! We stayed at Theme Park Hotel, (Thank you, aunty Jesslyn) located next to the outdoor theme park. The hotel room has two queen size beds! which suits a family of four. There are coffee bean :) , penang food restaurant, Marry Brown and a pharmacy conveniently located at the lobby !

After checked in, we went to Snow World. I was freezing cold! EnHui didn't seem to bother by the iciness. They slid down the slide again and again and again..  

  View from balcony in the morning.
                                                     EnHui had breakfast @balcony

  EnHui hollered "Insect! Insect! What kind of insect is this?" @balcony

Day 2 - Rides! Outdoor & Indoor. (Thank you, aunty Jesslyn for the buy 1 free 1 voucher). We took so MANY rides ! :D

En hid - dinosaur appeared in tunnel

Day 3 - Rabbit Farm, Bukit Tinggi.
The number of rabbits has reduced significantly compare to 5 years ago!! :(  EnHui were given FOC rabbit food to feed the rabbits. Entrance & parkng is FOC too.

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