Sunday, August 19, 2012

The mind of a child 27 June 2012

Do you listen intently and show genuine interest when a kid talk to you? I notice most of us won't, including myself.  We usually pretend to listen and not really paying attention to their conversation. Maybe because our mind is always full of things to accomplish, planning the next move etc. Knowing my weakness, I try to pay attention to what my children has got to say and listen with great interest.

Below is one of the moment where I genuinely looked into her eyes and show great interest in what this 5 years old got to say. No judgement and simply listen and trust their words.

"" I think of everything, everything in the world. Not a single thing being kicked out. Everything is on my mind. I can clap while I dance. I can dance and eat. I can read and talk. I can call for help when I read. At night, I see a big green circle and there are many dots all around it. In the morning I can't see it clearly. I can see anything, scary places, princess place. I just need to think it here (point to her brain) and press my eyes and I will see them clearly. Think it in your brain and you will see it. Adult and some children don't have it because they don't believe in it. I BELIEVE (look me in the eyes with her big eyes) it and so I have it.
I am very smart. Each day, one day I will tell it to sister and she has it too. We both have it. (So I asked what do you do with it). When I am bored at night, I will play with it. I call it a THINK a PUPP (laugh out loud). Funny right? I got the name from the book I read, my favourite book. ""


Wei Yun said...

This is beautiful Shannon. You caught a glimpse of magic there :). I make it a point to do that too. Eckhart Tolle calls it to be in the present moment, the power of NOW. It's so fleeting and when we are not there, it's just missed forever and what a shame. Children's minds are just incredible, thanks for this post!

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Wei Yun,
Yes, children's minds are incredible! It is so so amazing.
Prof Makoto S said "Live right here, right now".
And hey, you read my blog! :)