Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 7 Green Sauna, Public Sento, Hiratsuka, Japan 6 July 2012

As we strolled along the street of Tanabata Festival, I saw an English signboard "Green Sauna" from afar. 
I walked in the shop to check if it was a "sento" (public bath). Thankfully, it was!! My children have wanted to try the public bath and it was our last day in Japan today. 
I was only charged 1000yen (about RM40) for a bath. My children could follow me in without any charges!!

I brought my camera but didn't dare to bring it out of the closet, worrying other women at the bath might be concern if I took any of their bodies without clothing!! Hence, you are looking at the interior closet photo!!!!

As I was only charged for one person, I was given just one piece of towel. We have to remove our clothing at the closet area and I quickly wrapped myself with the towel provided. And when I turned around, my two little children, unclothed were staring at me, grinning. I tried not to laugh but pretended to be serious and normal. :)

My children were having fun bathing in the public whereas I was trying so hard to enjoy myself. hehe 


Neil Dalby said...

I guess the best part here is that you were charged for only one person. :D However, kids can only endure a brief session inside. Their skin can’t regulate sweat as efficiently as those of adults until they’ve reached puberty. Anyway, I’m sure the kids enjoyed the short stay in the sauna room, knowing how less reserved they are.

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Neil,

I learnt something new. Thank you for sharing. :)