Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boat ride at Boat Quay 24 July 2012

The opening hour of the four jetties (at Esplanade, Boat Quay, Marina Bay Sand and Clark Quay)

MBS is Marina Bay Sand.
You can either take a water taxi service or a more elaborate River Cruise shown below.

I would opt for the water taxi. 
Duck & Hippo is too pricey. And besides, when I drive around the island, I would be able to see those attraction from land as well. 

From Boat Quay to Clarke Quay, which is just across, you can easily take a stroll there.

Esplanade jetty is across the Merlion. 
I took the water taxi to Marina Bay Sand. 

 When I resided in Singapore, I used to bring friends who visited the island on this boat ride countless of times and I was really sick of it. 
Today, I brought my kids and I must say I enjoyed the boat ride tremendously.  

The man has to stop my overly excited older kid from jumping aboard.

The skyline reminded me of Reese, a homeschooled little boy who draws great skyline. 
Check Reese 's gallery here if you have not done so. CLICK LIKE if you are impressed by his work. I bet you will.

While passing by this dome-shaped, fancy high class restaurant, I thought I will never dine in here. It looks too serious and formal. Then, someone with a suit and tie waved at us. So we all waved back. 

We heard of good comments on Gardens By The Bay but have yet to pay a visit. Have you? 

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