Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Homeschool Science Fair 17 July 2012

This is our very first science fair initiated by a homeschool mom. 

The children was eager to participate when I told them about it.  I simply love love their enthusiasm in life, charging forward, full of life everyday. 

These are the trophies for "Best Presentation", "Best Design" and "Best Scientific Knowledge". 

My child presenting her experiment. Watching her from afar, I admire her, so admire her every movement and gestures' explaining her experiment without any sign of fear. The adults who spoke to her came from parents whom she has not met and also whom she has met. I remember I was such a timid child when I was her age.
You might be wondering if I helped her in any way?
I drove her to buy milk (full cream and low far) and vinegar. I aslo drove her to the science fair. That's all. 
The experiment she did, was chosen from one of the science experiments book she has, by herself.

Her first trophy she said. 

Here are some other experiments at the science fair. 
A row of recycle boxes depicted "Power Source"

A 6 year old and his illustration of Earthquake. I think he will be a great artist in future. 

Magic Milk experiment.

Water tension. 

Solar System. 

Water Volcano.


Ant's Terrarium.

Experiment with dry ice.



The science of baking.

Solid, Gas and Liquid.

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