Friday, August 31, 2012

Jurong Bird Park Singapore 26 July 2012

The walkway into Jurong Bird Park is filled with lovely orchids. 

Previously, we didn't see Penguin Coast. It is something new to us.

The penguins can keep so so still. Initially, I thought some were statues!
There are 6 species of penguins here. Go spot the difference.

"Emperor penguin is taller than me, mom "

Braille information board.

Marabou stork

This is also new to us. Water park inside. 
"Mom, you have to bring our swimmies next time!!", bellowed the kids 

All sorts of ducks. 

This is also a new area. Such huge improvement at the birdpark. 

Few of the bird nests on display.
Pee-ka-boo and you find what is inside.

It said "Female ostrich lay their eggs in a communal nest. This is the number of ostrich eggs you can find in one"  Interesting, I said. 

From the left : Egg of the extinct ELEPHANT BIRD (look for its skeleton at Bird Discovery Centre), OSTRICH Egg, CHICken egg and  hummingbird egg. 

Incubation and nursery area. 
The eggs which are abandoned at the bird park will be taken here to hatch and care for.

Weaning area, 
where a baby bird has to learn to feed themselves and thereafter, to be released into the bird park.

At lunch with parrots. Showtime is 1pm to 130pm.
Purchased of food and beverage item are required to attend the show.

She said "the claw hurts a little"

Lory feeding is fun. Both kids grinned from ear to ear.
 SGD3 per cup.


Huge area of 9-storeys high enclosure for all those beautiful lory. 

By the time, I arrived breathlessly, the kids have disappeared among the crowd, making themselves comfortable at the seat! Now to look for them among the crowd....
Bird and Buddies Show 11am & 3pm.

King of the Skies Show
10am & 4pm
When you watch this show, visit the Breeding and Research Centre just next door.

She wanted to tell the host of the show, how the bird swoop up and down at the swimming pool.

A chicken egg has 7500 pores!
At the Bird Discovery Centre.

We enjoyed the bird park tremendously. I could not remember we enjoyed this much during the last visit. 

 There are three programmes available. Bird's Eye Tour is one of them. 

If you take a bus no 194 to Jurong Bird Park from MRT Boon Lay, the station that you alight at, is also the station where you take the bus back to the MRT. It is a loop service.

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