Saturday, September 1, 2012

West Coast Park, West Coast Highway, Singapore 28 July 2012

Pedal Go-Karts is located at Car Park 2.

I rode one and had so much fun. It was like being a kid once again. 

Rental per hour.

There is a super stunning playground at Car Park 3 area. 
Little kiddo climbed and slide down. 
Stunning isn't it? See more stunning pictures below.
You can walk from Car Park 2 to Car Park 3. There is a Mc Donald, the only one restaurant in the whole park which is also located at Car Park 3.

The older one went right to the top. 

A short video on a long stretch of simple obstacle.

A low flying fox

This equipment will wobble a little when you walk over it.

Wooden structure playground here.

This is also a kite-playing park.

The sea area.
There is only a small area of beach tucked away at one corner, where the sampan/boats are located.

The beach has some rubbish strewn here and there. 

I watched a boatman at work.

And also observing the dock side gantry crane.


rayhana said...

Wah... Wld love to have a go on the go-kart!

Ng Shannon said...

Rayhana, GO! :)