Saturday, September 8, 2012

How did my children pick up alphabets, numbers and reading through unschooling? August 2012

I was asked this question and here is my reply

I began to learn the concept of "unschooling" when my older kid was about 4. After understanding "unschooling", it changed my view of education a great deal. Before unschooling, I was often in search of methods of teaching. I tried to find out and learn of any teaching methods around town. I was constantly looking out and making learning material. I constantly teach and teach using I think is the best method for my kid. 

In retrospect, I must be a pain-in-the-bottom for my poor kid by not trusting her natural learning ability and interfering it with my "adult-knows-best" teaching style. 

My older one picked up alphabet and numbers at slightly over 1 year old. She began to read at around 2.5 year old. I taught her using flashcards at high speed and pointing to words and numbers that are around us.

"Unschooling" isn't a method. It is a natural learning where as we pursue life, we pursue knowledge. It is natural for children to read, write and count as we go about our daily life.  As we live, we learn. It is inseparable. Living is learning. Learning is living. 

I don't really know how my younger kid learnt the alphabets and numbers and read some words. I have never consciously sit down and teach her anything. She asked me sometimes what this number/alphabet/word is. Sometimes, she showed me what she has discovered.  

I feel that she has a very natural love for learning. 

How to nurture the natural way of learning? Read here.

Nurturing a child's love for learning begin with trust.

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