Sunday, September 23, 2012

Be a smalish at Smaland, Ikea 14 August 2012

Smales counter in front of Smaland, Ikea. 
The application is free and you need to bring the child 's identification card. 

Benefits of joining Smales.

I like the Smalish dallars (currency of Smales) benefits where kids will do some math here to redeem the Smales merchandise.

They were given a newsletter and a lanyard with pocket to store their booklet.
Each sticker (yellow round sticker on the booklet) is 0.50 smalish dallars.
When you visit Smales, you are entitled to one sticker.

My older kid was counting how many stickers will be equivalent to 10smalish dallars to exchange with this piece of  T-shirt. 

More math here. 

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