Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ice skating rink, Royale Bintang Hotel 29 August 2012

It was the children's very first ice skating experience. 
And again, I am thankful to be able to enjoy their first moment. The joy of being a mother is indescribable. 

My older kid just stepped into the rink and skate! It seems so easy to her. Perhaps, her experience in inline skating helped her.  

My younger kid walked into the rink and hang onto the bar. 
The right side of the rink is a seating area with tables and chairs. There is a small cafe serving beverage and pastry.

I like this place so much. It has glass window with bright sunlight shone it and outside view as well. 

I admire her courage in letting go of the bar and ventured into the middle of the rink. 

What was on her mind? How did she decide to do it? Children certainly know what, when and how they want to do. Don't you think so? 

Ice skating rink rates is RM22 (including skates) per entry for weekdays. I paid RM5 per entry to sit at the cafe by the rink. 
Bring your own gloves and socks. Alternatively you can purchase them at the rink. 


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Thanks for the info! What a surprise to find another ice skating rink, so close to home. Was there a crowd, though? Did you have to queue up for long, the way people generally do at Sunway Pyramid?

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Covert_Operation78,
You are welcome. No, there wasn't a huge crowd and we didn't need to queue on a weekday. But on the day we went, it was the international school holiday and they were some teenagers from an international school skating as well.

Ng Shannon said...

We went ice skating again this morning. The RM5 per entry for adult was waived! But there is another new rule, that is no outside food is allowed.