Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pusat Darah Negara (National Blood Bank) 9 August 2012

We joined a tour organized by a HS mom. 
The tour itinerary is as such :
1. Video presentation. 
2. Tour starts with how blood donation is done. 
3. How blood is screened.
4. How blood is kept and distributed to hospitals.
5. Tour ends with blood donation by adults who are qualified and would to like to donate.

The auditorium where the video presentation is held. Over here, we were also given information on blood donation processing. 

Then we were ushered to walk through the corridor with many rooms. A curator explained the function of each room. I couldn't hear what she said as I was right at the back. And I saw most staffs were busy working with concentration. 

Looking at the way the staffs work, I felt that they seems to be handling something highly important. 

Blood donation room. 
Refreshment will be served to the donor after the process finishes.

The chairs look comfy. 

A father of our group was donating his plasma and platelet. 
There are two tubes hooked onto his arms. One of the tube was where the red blood cell flows into his body again after extracting the plasma and platelet.  

The place where stem cell is stored.

The trays' constant movement is to prevent the platelet from clotting.

Emergency shower and eye wash area. We found it amusing.

Cryofuge, a machine that separate plasma and platelet from red blood cell by spinning the blood pack really fast.
Plasma and platelet will then float on top whereas red blood cell will sink to the bottom. 

The pack will then be carried here where a worker will manually squeeze the plasma and platelet. 
Each pack of blood that a donor donates will be separate into plasma, platelet and red blood cell. 

The cold room where the blood is stored. 
Red blood cell can last till 42days but platelet and plasma only 5 days.

Looking at the qualification for a blood donor and  I am not qualified.
Blood donation process will take about 30 to 40minutes. 
Every week, Pusat Darah Negara needs 3000 packet of blood and at the moment only 2% of the Malaysian population are donor. 

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