Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Camping at Salang Pusaka, Kg. Salang, Tioman Island, Johore 20 August 2012

When we alighted the ferry and caught the first glimpse of the sea, we all went ooooOOOOOOOhhhhhhwaaHHhhhhh 
Yeah, the sea is so so beautiful. The water is crystal clear. The mountain backdrop is just so stunning. 
I thought the long achy breaky ferry ride finally paid off. The kids' eyes were glued to the fishes underneath the water. 

Shortly after that, one of the  few anglers caught a fish!

Poor hubby has to backpack heavy luggage, tent and campbeds. 

The right side of Salang is quieter than the left side of Salang (from jetty's direction)
Left side has lots more chalets, pubs, a duty free shop, more restaurants and shops.
I prefer the right side of Salang that is quieter and lesser chalets. Salang Sayang is one of the chalet on the right side, and it is situated by the beach end. 

Salang Sayang Restaurant and Reception.

We have booked a campsite with Salang Sayang over the phone (09-4195020). It was promised at RM30 per tent per night. A good deal, isn't it? 
When we have finally dragged our belongings to Salang Sayang, we were told that they didn't have any record of us coming and they said they don't do camping. No one camp here at Salang, so they said. The person whom we spoke to was out on a tour boat! We were told to try Salang Pusaka Chalet.

I think I hug the older kid less nowadays. I am guilty as charged.

Yes, we camped at Salang Pusaka,(Tel no. 09-419 5034/5317) located at the back from Salang Sayang. . The owner was too kind to shoo us away, even though he doesn't do camping as well. No one camp in Salang, so he said. We set our tent in front of its storage hut, by the edge of the forest. He charged us the same price, RM30 per tent per night. 

In place of crashing wave sound should we camp near the beach, we had noisy bats, birds chirping, insects chirping and mangoes and durians dropping sound at night. 
Bats were spotted swooping in and out the narrow lane, in between chalets, in the evening. 

Inside the tent. 

We were told to use this toilet/shower just outside an abandon hall.

Kids and dear hubby set off to snorkel. 
They went as far to the pontoon ( shown in pic) where they claimed the corals over there are simply stunning. My older one said she saw a very huge embedded clam, showing me with her open arms.

I had a quiet "me" time. 
Just me, myself and I by the beach, with a cup of coffee and a book. Bliss, I know. I think I need that so much. 

"Suffering is caused by endless desire.
The desire we create often generates bad karma" by Master Cheng Yen. 

When the tide is out, we explored the wonderful marine life. 
Some snapshots below. 

Some kind of thorny sea cucumber. 


Black sea cucumber. Lots of these in the water.

Mermaid's fan seaweed.

Corals near the beach.

Few colours of these sort of embedded clam.

Corals near the shore.

Some type of nudribranch.



During the hot afternoon, we lazed around Salang Sayang cafe, idling, reading and staring out the sea.

There are few monitor lizards living by the brook.

Awesome view of the sunset.

Night time at the jetty. 

The beach. 

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