Sunday, August 19, 2012

Indian Navy Warship, Glenn Cruise Terminal 29 June 2012

We came back to the same place where Logo Hopes docked but this time we came to view an Indian Warship. This is my first time seeing a warship and so does my children. I have no knowledge of this ship and so we basically glanced through it.

Both the India and Malaysia flags post at the entrance to the first ship we entered, called INS Shakti.

At this ship, we were allowed to explore the top deck. It was huge to me and I don't know a thing about the equipment except recognizing some life boats.

For this ship, INS Karmuk, we were not permitted to step onto it.

Dear hubby told me this is a destroyer ship. 

At INS Shivalik, we could walked into the interior of the ship, through the aisle of the starboard. 

Sacks of potatoes along the bridge.

This is the door where we walked into the ship. It was a fast one and the only thing I knew was the hatch below, where its steps will bring you down to the sleeping area. 

We could only viewed from atop and let our imagination ran through the rest.

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