Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trains in Tokyo, Haneda Airport, Japan. 1 July 2012

The train ticket machine looks like this.
It has an English language option button on top of the right hand corner. 
There is also a train information counter at the train station itself.  The station staffs we have encountered during our stay were pleasant and very helpful. 

The train lines from Haneda Airport. 
Do take note that the RED line is the Haneda Express train which will skip most stations and head straight to the terminal station. The ORANGE line stops only at 4 stations whereas the green line goes to all stations.
Depending on which station you are heading, there are 3 lines to choose from.   

Time and information on the three Haneda lines in English. 

If you see a male in the "women only" couch, don't be alarm as the women only couch is only from 730am to 9am. 

The little train ticket.  

The Tokyo city JR train map that looks very intimidating! It is not that difficult if you zoom in to your destination from point A to point B. The helpful station staff will also help to pinpoint to your from A to Z. 

This Green Car double decker coach is the first class coach. 

Metro train, with a M logo (on the right hand top corner)

We didn't get the prepaid Suica card which will save you some time because the card is preloaded with certain amount of value.

Instead, we let the kids did some math by purchasing individual train ticket each time we traveled.

Know the fare (which can be checked on some stations wall map, otherwise ask the station staff).

Then press the "number of people" pictorial button shown on the left . 
The total amount will be summed up.

The staffs dressed in neat and tidy uniform. 

Connecting two train cars.

Tokyo, a mecca for train enthusiasts.

Prepare a booklet to collect variety of train station stamps from 77 of its station. 

Lost & Found section.

Check your attraction exit point before exiting.

Small lockers ( approx 35cm x 43cm x 57cm) are available in large numbers at all stations, costs 300Yen
Medium lockers (approx 57cm x 43cm x 57cm) are available in small numbers at major stations cost 400Yen.
Large lockers (approx 117cm x 43cm x 57cm) are available in very small numbers at major stations, costs 500Yen. 

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