Thursday, August 30, 2012

Asian Civilization Museum, Singapore 24 July 2012

A boat sweeping up dead leaves that float on the Singapore river. 
Earlier on, there was another boat with workers picking up rubbish with tongs.

Kids watching from Cavenagh bridge. 

Just across Cavenagh bridge, is Asian Civilization Museum. It showcases work of art to increase the understanding of Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, China and Peranakan world. 

Check the free guided tours schedule.

Pick up a little leaflet that posed ten questions for kids to explore.

It looks like this.

An information board will be beside the artifact that they need to find on the leaflet.

 I am puzzled by my kid's eagerness in the museum. 
When I was a kid, I didn't think much about a museum.

There are 3 levels altogether.
Here are a few snippets of galleries exhibits. We definitely need more time to explore this place.

The Orang Laut of the Singapore River, the original inhabitants of the island.

A pair of Chinese coolie trousers. Check out the huge size.

Coolies squatters (coolie keng)

Passengers boat that plied the Singapore River. It was called the Sampan Kotak.

Opium accessories.

Batik apron of the Hmong cultural of Yunnan, China. 
Off late, I have been thinking so much about my ancestors' background. 

The kiddos answering question on the leaflet.

There are ample of interactive screens. 
This one here, is an interview with the Emperor. The kids selected the questions and listened to what the Emperor has to say.  

Tents of the West Asia.

The kids got souvenir magnets after completing the adventure.

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