Friday, August 31, 2012

Playground & Library Chuo Chu Kang, Singapore July 2012

Visiting playground and library are part our days in Singapore. 
This playground look just like the one we frequented back home.

This includes the ring-shaped equipment.

Kevin Henkes's booksssssssssssssss. 
Without much ado, kids and I indulged in as many as we could. 
A lot of my friends wonder why I visit Singapore so often. NLB is one good reason. 

Every Wednesday and Friday !! EVERY WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY!!!.
That is frequent!! 

We were lucky to catch a puppet performance by Frankie Malache, an award winning professional puppeteer  and an official representative of Singapore for ASEAN puppetry festival. 
He is really good and funny. We enjoyed his performance tremendously.

Mind you, this performance is at the public library and it is free! 


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