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Day 3 Tokyo Sky Tree, Asahi Building, Sensoji Temple, Odaiba Island 2 July 2012

Day 3
1. Asakusa station : Sensoji Temple, Sky Tree, Asahi building.
2. Akibahara station : Maid Cafe
3. 1/2 day trip to Odaiba Island
We took a bus from the bus stop across the road of Economy Hoteiya to Sensoji Temple, Asakusa.
The busfare costs 200yen for adult and 100yen for a child. 
100yen = RM4.

The bus stopped along this road. And from here we walked to Sensoji temple. 

 Tokyo Sky Tree (tower) and Asahi building. 
We didn't enter Tokyo Sky Tree to get the city view but went up to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building at Shinjuku instead as it doesn't charge any entrance fee. 
Check this link for other free city view places

Pedestrian walk button. 

Along the walk to Sensoji temple, there were men offering ride on a rickshaw for a fee. 

We came across these cute little children standing in a cart pushed along the road to a childcare centre.

This is the entrance of Shin-Nakamise Shopping Street which will lead to Sensoji Temple entrance at the end of it.
Below are some of the souveniers and food sold over here. 
I told kids that we won't be getting souvenir and in Japan, it is so hard not to get a souvenir as most of the things are so adorable. 

Ice cream with varieties of flavour.

This man is making a bean paste pastry shown in the pic below.

7 pieces for 500yen.

A pair of socks for 420yen.

Lantern ranges from 500yen to 700yen.

Fridge magnet. 

Doraemon shaped pastry.

Rice biscuits. 

Assortment of bags @1680yen.

Here, we arrived the entrance of Sensoji Temple, a buddhist temple.

O-Waraji, a huge pair of straw sandal has been made by 800 citizens and it is a charm against evil.

Donate a 100yen to draw Omikuji (fortune stick)

While wishing, shake this container gently. A fortune stick will drop out from the hole on top of the container. 

Based on the number carved on the stick, search for the matching number on the drawers.
Retrieve a piece of fortune paper from it.

Turn over to the back for English translation. 

You can tie the paper on the metal bars provided or bring it home. 

A huge red lantern hung under the roof of the temple building.

A believer lighting incense sticks.

And thereafter, the incense sticks were put into this huge urn. 
They will then fan the smoke towards themselves.

Throw a coin into this red huge container. Joined the palm and pray.

Two buddha statues that bring mercy and wisdom to worshipers.

Kids had fun pumping water from the traditional water pump at the temple ground.
The water flowed out was cold. 

Food at one of the restaurants at Sensoji temple. 
Price ranges from 650yen for a bowl of dessert.

Traditional sweet bread.  1 for 170yen. 3 for 450yen

We took a train to Akihabara in search of  Maid Cafe, a cosplay restaurant. 
Akihabara is a place if you want to buy electronic goods. As we walked along the streets, "Maids" were spotted distributing leaflets and "Maid" posters/pictures are pasted on buildings.

A maid was giving out flyers. 

I felt uneasy looking at the posters and I felt it is a place for the male counterparts than for family.  
Remembering the pleasant video I have watched from youtube, I proceeded. 
When we arrived at the cafe, we decided to turn away, looking at the customers who were mostly male!  

Another maid on the street.

We boarded a train from Shimbashi station to Odaiba Island.
A driverless elevated train that cross Rainbow Bridge to the Island, with a 270-degree loop gave us a nice view of Tokyo Bay.   

Part of the train ride to Odaiba Island. 

A photo of Rainbow bridge which was captured from the train window. 

There are vending machines selling all sort of things in Japan and this one here, sells catalogue.

There are some educational interactive machines on hybrid cars at the Toyota Mega Web. 
Mega Web is a huge Toyota showroom on all sort of models, car accessories and technologies.  

I didn't expect the kids to enjoy getting into one car to another.

See, it is really huge!!

Free hybrid car ride for kids.

Very pinky Hello Kitty's Kawaii Paradise.

The kids could only window-shopped among the cute Hello Kitty stuffs. 

My kid has been wanting to see the statue of liberty. 
New York is too far to travel. 

This Sanuki Udon shop is located next to one of the Shimbashi exit. 

Plain Udon 
Small 190yen Medium 290yen Big 390yen

Add tempura. Price ranging from 100yen to 160yen.

 Choice of yummy tempura.

Have a look at the menu. :)

As we are travelling with kids, our meals depend on the time and location where we ended our excursion and whatever that is available near to us. Time vs Cost vs Hungry kids.   

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