Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 1 Sleeping at Haneda, Tokyo International Airport, Japan 30 June 2012

On the day that we arrive at Tokyo International Airport, the staffs were putting up colourful lanterns decoration in celebration of Tanabata. It was beautiful and subconsciously brighten up the exhausted sleepover at the airport. 
We were allowed to sleep at any chairs and at any floor from 1st to 5th floor. 
Thinking of the noises of 1st and 2nd floor(arrival and departure halls), we moved to the top floor. 

The top floor has restaurants, shops and an observation deck. We like the observation deck where we could view the tarmac of the airport, looking at the process of the aeroplanes' movement. The fifth floor area is much quieter at late night, with few passengers sleeping here and there. That was when we realised, we were not the only one who sleepover here. 

The night view from the open air observatory deck. It was early summer when we arrived and the weather was cooling. 

The benches where we (and some other passengers) took free shelter for the night. I opened up the pink umbrella to block the lighting that shone directly to my little child's eyes.
How I wish I have brought some eyeshades and earplugs as well.  
I could't sleep, worrying about safety mostly and laid awake. During the course, I saw there was a policeman patrolled the area frequently. Eventually, I dozed off and shortly after awoken by the daylight at 5am local time. 

The land of the rising sun from the observatory deck. 
It was so bright but when I checked on my phone, it was just 5am local time. (Tokyo is an hour ahead of us)

Bring your own beverage (coffee/tea) and hot water is available at the airport's breastfeeding room.

Needless to say, the toilet is neat, no, very neat and very clean. It is equipped with a seat warmer and bidet system. Every detail is thoughtfully designed and arranged with the mind of the user. 

Breakfast set at one of the restaurant. 
100yen = RM4.
We brought bread from home. 

If you intend to sleep at 5th floor, take a left turn after you go up the escalator, to a quieter area.

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