Thursday, July 19, 2012

Field trip to Domino Pizza 25 June 2012

Domino field trip starts very early at 830am, one of the earliest field trip we have to do. 

It was two years back when we first visited this same outlet. 
The difference is, today I chose to wait at the dining hall instead. 

I have no idea what to type here and so I asked the kids about the trip.

Here is the recollection of what they have said to me " Roll the dough. They didn't show us how to make the dough! Put tomato sauce and topping of pineapple and ham. I didn't get to make pizza as there are too many friends in front. Sprinkle cheese. Bake for 6 minutes. They also brush the crust with olive oil. "

 " We only make pizza and twisty bread. Use both hands to hold the end and twirl it "

To join Domino field trip, each child has to order a personal pizza. 

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