Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unschooling Cameron Highland Road Trip 21 August 2010

Saturday am.
I drove up to Mossy Forest, Brinchang Hill with my small 1000cc engine - car. The road to Brinchang Hill is much steeper and narrower than the road to Cameron from Tapah. At first, we were contemplating to drive on our own ,after reading some other blogs stating that it is more advisable to drive up with a 4x4 wheeler. When we were on the hill, we saw some other small cars too. :) So I guess we don't need a 4x4 wheeler to go up the steep hill.
The entrance is about 400m from Equatorial Hotel (from Tanah Rata direction), on the left side, which is also the same left turn as Sungei Palas Boh Tea Plantation. While driving through the tea plantation, look out for a sign to turn left to Brinchang Hill. No entrance fee to Mossy Forest.

Left- Entrance of the mossy forest. Right - From the entrance, if you drive slightly further, you will find the look-out tower among the tall communication towers on the left by the road side.

We were filled with awe by the beautiful sight of the mossy trees and its surrounding. The path is well paved with platform walkway but look out for some missing planks along the path. 

Left- Some black funghi. Right- Pitcher plants spotted up among the mossy trees

Left- another creepy crawler. Right - Dad was the zoo keeper & Hui was the panda while En announced "Who wants to feed the panda ?" . There are bamboo trees next to them.

Dad & Karen ventured beyond the platform walkway and came back with yucky-looking muddy footwear. The mossy  forest ground is damp and soft.

Then, we drove further to the look-out tower. There is another trail (Left) from here. The sign says 297km to Brinchang!! . Dad and EnHui, Han & Fai explored the initial part of the route.

Left- Wildflowers on the ground that we have not seen before. Right- leaf moth.

Time Tunnel Local Museum @Brinchang. 9am -6pm. Adult RM5 Children RM3.
All of us loves this museum. For the kids, there are tons of things to play with and for us, it rekindles the childhood memories, oohhh aahhh.

I can't believe I am so old now, the stuffs that I used before, are in the museum! Oh Man!

Redifusion - it used to be my mom's entertainment ! I have totally forgotten about this brown box till I see it again here.
While we were browsing, some oldies were being played, "Let It Be" drew my attention. Inevitably, I sat on the stool and .. When I find myself in time of trouble, Mother mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, LET IT BE...

Playground again !@ Tanah Rata. Our trip wont be complete without playground. I was so exhausted and so grateful to have dad over there, taking care of the kids while I took a cat nap in my beloved car. zzzzzz zzzzz

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