Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mom, are you ready? How long? 13 August 2010

Friday night
With a toilet roll -microphone, En announced "Ladies and Gentleman, the show will begin in 10 minutes ". That is because, I told her I need 10 more minutes.
She exclaimed " This time is going to be different, I will not go inside the box". Well, indeed. It' s different kinda puppet show. Light off. Only torch light was switched on.

The best part is, when she announced to the audience " Who would like to hold the puppet? ". Without a second thought, Hui raised her hand up !

While I was watching, I thought ' This little girl loves puppet so much. Maybe she will be in this sort of work in future. Where can I bring her to see more puppet shows of all sort? '

How great it is to do what you are passionate about !

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Jack Ng said...

This setup is slightly different from En's earlier "wayang kulit" setup.

While the first wayang kulit setup was having a light projecting the puppets's shadow onto the screen with the light projection behind the screen, this setup is havng the light source, behind the audience, projecting the puppet's shadwon onto the screen.

She said is another way to make a movie. Not bad. She found a variety of ways to make it happen.

As she prodded along with making the movie, the process was peppered with her saying, "eh, why I can't do this", "oh, i can do this way" was pretty interesting to watch how the whole thing unfolds (her thought processes) right in front of me.

Funny, how little humans think.