Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Park again 3 August 2010

, Tuesday evening
I felt lethargic and so I said "We won't be visiting the park today". To support my stand, I added " we went to the park yesterday! " EnHui pleaded " We love to go, come on".

It's not so bad after all. I felt so much better at the park, watching a few Korean women trying to fly their kites, the green grass, blue sky and a stork flying by. Hui spotted two types of new wild flowers.

En's stone flower. (reminded me of aunty Rayhana)
Fascinating sunset.

En said " a new flower (left)" I replied "That's common vernonia". She protested, "No, it is not. " 
She ran away and came back with common vernonia (right), she said "this is common vernonia".
Me - huh.. yeah right. It is different. 

Hui brought home a fern and bermuda grass.

Thank you EnHui, the day ended with a pleasant evening. 

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greenhoihoi said...

wonderful thing you are doing. I constantly feel lethargic too when it is always the kids event. perhaps need to take break n walk out for a while...