Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The first child 24 August 2010

Ever since I have Hui, inevitably I find myself pushing En to act more grown up. I forget that she is only 6 and still very much a child. It is a very common mistake that we do, treating our children according to their birth order !

What scared me was hearing En using the exact same words on Hui, the ones I just used on her. She is displacing her anger, frustration, getting her own sense of power and self-respect back by doing so.

I am certainly not a great mom and have much more to learn for being one. I am sorry, En. Please forgive me.

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Jack Ng said...

When En grows up and if she read this blog, she should brush it off as totally trivial. The amount of positives that you have input to her, to us, have been nothing short of immense.

If you should ask for forgiveness, then that makes two of us. Don;t wallow too long on it though, we must never forget to, get up and better ourselves and start again.

With this, our children will see and imitate that we never give up. We may have taken a step back, but we also made sure right after that, it will be 3 steps forward. We are constantly striving for improvement. Kaizen!!