Friday, August 13, 2010

Are they learning? 11 August 2010

Wednesday night.
The result of free play and photos only shown the living room area ! What a night !!

Left- floor. Middle- My sofa. Right- Children table

On the floor.

Many asked me " What can they learn by playing all day? " Some time, it made me doubtful too.What are my kids doing at home, just playing, while other kids with the same age, are in kindergarten, where learning is presented as work? 

Play is that arena in which you get to try out everything with no real life consequences because it's all just pretend. You can play at being a castle invader and having a castle wall fall on you. No pain! And you can play with Veterinarian Barbie and practice what it's like to take care of animals. Learning within the context of play brings it into the child's world, where the child is in charge. When imagination is unleashed, learning is truly meaningful. taken from Einstein Never Used Flash Cards: How Our Children Really Learn-- And Why They Need to Play More and Memorize Less

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Jack Ng said...

I feel this is the hardest to adapt as an adult, for me. To unlearn what has been taught to me - to be organize, to be tidy, to be clean, to have a structure for learning.

Is hard because I have to unlearn my past "knowledge" and to embrace this quirky thing call "unschooling".

To be able to trust and let the kid learn through play with the believe that they will eventually able to get all the essential stuff to survive and be very comfortable with who they are, contribute to society in whatever miniscule way they can and live a good life.