Sunday, August 29, 2010

Author in the making.... ? 28 August 2010

Saturday 10am
Galeri Petronas is showcasing Words+Pictures=Book, a contemporary picture book illustrations by Malaysian illustrators. It ends 3rd Oct. Free admission. Tel: 03 2051 7770
Today, Azalan Hussain, children's picture book author/illustrator hold an art workshop on creating your own illustrated book. It is free and we 're given a cool purple Tshirt with "Anak Seni" wording on it.

Left- Azalan Hussein 's sharing in Malay language. Blearrgghh EnHui couldn't grasp it. Well, it turned out that Hui has more interest in illustrating(Right) than En !

Left- Words+Pictures=Books exhibit section.  Right- A small reading corner at the exhibit, consists of 10 new children books which its illustrations are being showcased. Our favourites are 'The boy who loved durians', 'The garbage monster' and 'Raion's Hair'. You can purchase the complete set of 10 books at RM95 at the gallery.

During the workshop, En was overwhelmed with mixed emotions, which I don't understand why. A small child and yet with so much thought running through her mind. We left shortly after and browsed the gallery. Each and every piece of the displays are impressive and dazzling. En began to enjoy, and I apologize for bringing her into the workshop that is not fun. She said 'The workshop is great. And I don't want to be an author.'  Well, yeah.. I realised she has not been typing her stories for months and I have not been observant enough.

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