Saturday, August 28, 2010

EnHui Sleepover 24 August 2010

Tuesday night.
En called 'ah yi' " Hello, are you coming home early tonight? "

After putting down the phone, she was packing, excitedly going to spend the night with her most favourite 'ah yi' a.k.a walking toy. And Hui followed suit, announcing, "Me too". I told Hui " Mommy won't be there! ". With a reassuringly voice, she replied "Yeah okay".

When I was driving home alone, uncomfortably, thinking if this is real.  " Am I free ? What I shall do? Enough time for a holiday? Where? Haircut (it has been a year or was it more) ? "  But it is already 7pm+. I better not let my guard down. I might need to pick Hui up, when she cries for me.

The whole night, my phone didn't ring ! I wasn't needed ! This is Hui's first sleepover. At age 3 !

'Ah yi' plays amazingly well with En. She is a toy ! A human toy. En has a special bond with her. Now, Hui 's too. I wont be able to play like 'ah yi', totally let her hair down and play ! Shame on me.


Yee Ling said...

Moved from living room, to my room's floor then up my bed. Ah yi ended up sleeping on the floor!

Yee Ling said...

and Hui woke up 4x that night