Friday, August 6, 2010

Sawadee ka! Pen yangai? 7 August 2010

Saturday am.
Zero airfare to BKK and RM78 on the return leg. ประเทศไทยเรามาที่นี่
Our room,@ Ideo Apt, well- prepared by Vich, 3 days before we depart!

Look at the food and beverage, bought for our consumption!

Vich said ' It is a Thai tradition to give a welcome dinner !' Kawp Khun. Neung tom yam gung. :)

As the trip is drawing near, memories of being a globe-trotter for years gushing into my mind. Now, I am really looking forward to step foot on Bangkok again. My former colleagues used to be so crazy about Naraya at Patpong each time we stepped foot there :) 

 Pai Ampawa Floating Market. :)  Kawp Khun, Vich.

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