Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unschooling Cameron Highland Road Trip 19 August 2010

Thursday 7am
Yay! Our second unschooling road trip with aunty YL and family. This time around, beside us, 2 mommies and 6 children, we have grandparents (YL's parent) with us too. It was a perfect combination of all sort of people and ages!
I drove my mini car with EnHui and we met with YL and her family at a holiday home @Tanah Rata, that belongs to Yu Ling's aunt, a 80 year old granny  whom I admire. She has the strength that I wish to possess when I become 80!
I took Simpang Pulai exit which is 30 minutes away from Tapah (the first exit for Cameron Highland). The road up the highland from here, was not as curvy and narrow as the old road from Tapah which makes me sick. The journey up to Tanah Rata from Simpang Pulai is about 1.5 hour. We passed by Kampung Raja, K. Terla, Tringkap and Brinchang before reaching Tanah Rata.

Our 'nest' on the first night ! My cozy corner was at the top left - 2 singles size airbed. It brought back memories of our similar 'nest' during our first Ipoh trip.

Gung gung, po po and gu po prepared a scrumptious egg noodles with thick crunchy beansprout from Ipoh, fish balls, pork balls etc with soup. It was a great home-cooked lunch on the first rainy day at Cameron Highland.

After lunch, was our first excursion. Left - Jungle Walk Trail 4, Parit Waterfall @Tanah Rata. The entrance is at the side of Century Pines Resort. En with purple hooded poncho, walking next to 80 year old 'gu po' !)
It is a short easy trail where the beginning part is sandwiched between the hotel wall and the river. (Right). As we walked in, the air was cooling and the sound of the running water was soothing. At the same time, I was worried sick of En falling down from the edge to the river.

Left- Hui loves this leaf which I have no idea what it is. It is hairy and smooth. She called it 'Cloth Leaf" as it feels like a piece of cloth.  Right- Parit Waterfall, unfortunately, it is filled with lots of plastic bottles! sheesh.

It rained for a short while and we took shelter at a hut. Gung gung and Po po carried a whole basket of rambutan & duku langsat for us to munch. Hui LOVES rambutan ! Karen also bought her buttercake ! yum yum.  Right- we found this creepy crawlie and was trying hard to figure out what it is!

Rain stopped! Off we went, crossing the suspension bridge(Right) and up we climbed (Left) and it ended up inside the forest of tall tall trees and stung by gigantic mosquitoes. That is the end of the trail.

Left- Hui named this 'seaweed fern', according to her, the shape looks like seaweed.  
Right- The threesome jumped and pulled the hanging vines in order to collect berries. As a result, the floor area was covered with vines. :)
Playground @Tanah Rata.  Hui excitedly announced "Look I can shinny down!"
On the first night, Hui asked "why girl cannot play and boy can? " while Karen was sleeping and EnHui were in bed, going to sleep whereas Fai and Han were awoke and playing!  :)  Hence, she summarized the whole scene as girls sleep and boys play! Brilliant !!

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