Friday, August 6, 2010

Phyllis Caring Home 4 August 2010

Thursday 1030am.
We visited Phyllis Caring home today, a self-funded home established by Mdm Phyllis Nathan 18 years ago, with the help of churches.
It is located at 19, Jalan 12/12 PJ. Tel - 03 7956 0799. Currently, there are 8 senior citizens and 1 mentally challenged 40 year old man residing in this home. I was told that 4 of the residents passed away this year and 1 is hospitalised.

It is a home for senior citizens who have no relatives to take care of them or from poor income group. The home provides basic necessities of food, shelter, transportation and medical care.

The entrance of the home (left). If you come from Jalan University ( from Rothmans Roundabout),turn right  after KFC. And if you come from the opposite direction, take the second left turn after University Hospital. Then go straight till you reach the T junction. Take a right turn and follow by a left turn. Look for number 19 on your left.  We brought lunch and some provisions.. (right)

At the beginning, Hui refused to enter the home. She stayed at the garden compound. Thankfully, shortly after that, she was okay.

The children were playing outside happily and they brought laughter, a lot of noise and energy to the ambience.

It was my first time, visiting an old folk home. I took a while to mentally adjust myself  (shame on me), trying my best to acknowledge and talked to each one of them. There is one folk, aunty Ann who is blind and wheelchair bound but she doesn't seem to be wallowing in self-pity at all. In fact, she is pretty positive and joyful. She woke me up and inspired me. Jia you! JIA YOU! (mandarin language)

Please kindly contact Mrs Nathan on what they currently need if you wish to contribute and visit the home.

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