Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unschooling Cameron Highland Road Trip 20 August 2010

Friday 9am
At Cactus Valley, Brinchang, we waited for Gung gung and Po po who returned home to prepare for dinner.

Hui is more interested in the ride than the cactus!  Right- pitcher plant.
Left- The workers defrosting and cleaning the ice cream freezer somehow attracted Fai, En & Han.
Right- The two little ones( 38 months old & 20 months old) often communicating with each other during the trip.  

Left- Souvenirs ! Got two toothbrushes holder at RM2 each.
Right- Ean, Hui and Han were discussing on whether they should enter. Finally, they crawled under the gate, went in and came out from the other side of the gate.  

EnHui chose 6 mini pots of cactus for RM10. And another 3 packets of vegetables seeds for RM10.

Then 'Gung gung' and 'Po po' came, off we went to Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation. It was a great drive for me, up the narrow and curvy road with eye-soothing greenery of the tea plantation.   
Some exhibits near the tea factory.
Left- Han & Hui ran toward the tea factory joining the group who has just gone in. This time, we saw all the machines in operation, which was great. The factory visit is free. 
Right-  Han, En, Fai & Hui ran happily downhill. It is so heart-warming seeing them running, carefree, laughing.

The kids have great fun playing among the tea shrubs. It is like a maze with secret hideouts for them. Hui was too short to be spotted.She was found dirty, trying to sweep her area of farm. 

Picking strawberry at EQ Strawberry Farm, next to Equatorial Hotel. 500gram for RM15.

After dinner, EnHui and I left Cameron for Ipoh, to pick dad from the train station. Dad took ETS from KL Sentral to Ipoh, which took 2 hours, arriving at 9pm. The ticket costs RM30.

Driving downhill is much easier. The free falling feeling was astounding and I love it so much. We arrived the grand train station building (Right) which we thought was a hotel.  When the train arrived, EnHui searched frantically for the sight of dad and jumped onto him shortly he was spotted. Thank you dad for coming over. And we drove back to Tanah Rata, arriving at 1115pm. 

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