Friday, August 13, 2010

La Gom Na Bangkok, Vich and Ideo 10 August 2010

Tueday 8am
In the morning, we thought of visiting 'Hall of Railway Heritage' , which is nearby as our flight check-in time, is at 320pm. Upon reaching Phahon Yothin, we put off the plan, seeing the heavy traffic. We walked to Tesco Lotus and bought some groceries for uncle Vich.

Left- heavy traffic.
Right- Betagen tastes awful. We couldn't find vitagen @Tesco Lotus. 

Left- Water dispenser downstair our apt where we replenished water. You can put a minimun of 1baht.
Right- The pool that EnHui have been waiting for. Each day, they asked "Can we go to the pool today?" which made me felt so guilty :)  I remember telling Vich that I wont be going to Bangkok for the apt. swimming pool. Well, I have to change my mind. The pool is really superb and irresistable. :D

Left- airport. Right- Hui walked up & down along the aisle looking for dad & sister.

We wanted to take the free airport link, that is on a pilot-run now. It only operates from 7am to 10am which is much too early for us.
Our taxi ride from Lat Phrao, where we stayed, to Suvarnabhumi Airport, costs about 235baht(RM23.50) plus 25baht toll charges. It took about 35minutes to arrive airport.

When we checked in, the ground staff allocated two of our 4 seats together whereas the other two were separated! And we didn't pay for a pre-book seat. :p
So I said, " We have kids and the young one will cry, looking for us ".
The ground staff re allocated the two separated seats to "hot seats" (first five rows with red cover headrest),which was not occupied for that flight,  explaning that she could only did this if they were kids involved.

Hot seats passenger got to board first. (not a big deal! )

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