Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unschooling Cameron Highland Road Trip 22 August 2010

Sunday am.
YL has made appointment with Mr Lee to visit his organic farm at Brinchang. We waited for him at his steamboat restaurant, which is diagonally opposite Rosa Passadena Hotel. From there, he led us to his  farm with a Kenari, and we drove our cars along.

Left- The entrance of his farm owned by 7 partners. Mr Lee has a pleasant personality and share his knowledge on organic farming generously.  We saw so many snails and En was safekeeping one, but it lost its way in my car !

Left- Self made compost which is steaming hot.

Left- Even the coat buttons look stunning at Cameron!  Right- Mr Chong showed us how the roots of a healthy vegetable look like.

Left- caterpillar munch, munch. Right- We ate  french beans and leafy greens raw from the farm. The yummy natural taste is simply indescribable.

Mr Lee of Cameron Organic Produce @ Brinchang. 019 779 6638. His organic vegetables can be found at Jaya Grocer and an organic shop at Ikano.

After the educational visit ended, we bid farewell to aunty Yu Ling and her family.  We went to the T-cafe@ Tanah Rata which serves delicious food, chicken pie, strawberry scones, vegetarian spaghetti, spicy fried rice, just to name a few. Unfortunately, it is closed on Sunday !.  Tel 605- 491 4018. T-cafe, which will be re named as Lord cafe, located above Marry Brown @Tanah Rata.

We decided to take Ringlet-Tapah route going home. Usually when I take this route, I would be so dizzy and sick. This time around, I took over the wheel and was all well. For the first time, I was able to enjoy the sights along the road. :)  Left- Dad bought some 'petai', EnHui loves 'petai' ! Right- En who is keen in Orang Asli story, got to see their homes along the journey.

We stopped at Lata Iskandar waterfall. After couple of minutes, I signalled them to leave. En was reluctant. She negotiated for a "2 piano class time" (an hour) to play at the waterfall. I said "1 piano class" (30 minutes). She said 'OK'.  Without much thought, both leapt from side to side, enjoying the cooling water. Well I thought, what is the hurry? Gradually, I relaxed and enjoyed the breeze. ;) 


Jack Ng said...

Great write up and even better trip. It was both educational for children as well as for me. Love it all the way.

It never occur to me, but the age mix was just perfect, the popo, gung-gung, the gu-ma popo, us the parents and the children. The children mix around and i get to mix around too.

The short hike in the woods, the mossy forest, the cool air, the market, the sit around in the wantan noodle store, the organic veg farm. The playground, seeing Enhui, Fai, and Han laugh, scream, and cry (oops). The morning, where we sit out at the bench peeling fruits to eat. The food in the restaurant. What a roadtrip.

I got to thank Yuling, her parents and her gu-ma for this. I love it every bit, on the flip-side I hope we weren;t such bad guest. I also got to thank Shannon, my wife, for pulling me along this trip. Great stuff.

Next trip there, I will make sure I spend more time at Lata Iskandar with the girls and be sure i bring along my goggles and extra clothing...got to jump in next time. The last time I did that in this fall, was like 23 years ago...

This trip, 2 thumbs up.

Chandrika Fern said...

I don't like to go up Camerons via the Ringlet-Tapah route... makes me dizzy too... Shall get hubby to let me take over the wheel, the next time! This school holiday perhaps :D