Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ramayana Revisited at Peranakan Museum. 17 January 2011

Ramayana epic is illustrated by shadow puppets, paintings on paper and cloth and photographs. It ends on 27 Feb 2011 at Peranakan Museum, Singapore.   

This is why we are here - shadow puppets. En stared at it intently. I wonder what has initiated En to have such interest and passion in puppeteering.
At the end of last year (2010), I reflected on what I have accomplished with EnHui for the whole year while referring to my blog and the mistakes that I have made and how I should improve myself as a mother.  And most of all, I was figuring out which direction Unschool 2011 should be heading. 

It seems like I should be going towards Performance Arts, theatres, contemporary, visual art, whatever in the name of arts and most of all, puppetry. Ramayana Revisited is the first one.   

I began to see the beauty of shadow - thanks to En.

Coloured shadow.

I forgot what En told me - something on the lighting.

Tonight, during my private session with En, a 20 minutes chat and lots of hugs & kisses and hands holding at bedtime. I told her she should hold a puppet show for the neighbours. As expected, she excitedly said "YES".
So, I added  "But they wont understand much when you have the session in English!" En pondered 'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'.

I said "You need to plan one in Mandarin for the benefit of those who don't understand English, like por por". En agreed to what I suggested. Finally, she remarked " I'll plan one in Mandarin". 

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